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Why should you ask me to build you a website?

Well, there are lots of reasons, but let’s keep this simple.

I'll help you choose the right technology. Then I'll build you a beautifully-crafted website. Life will be better!
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Life will be better!

With a Simply Effective website, your business or non-profit will have an online presence 24/7/365. You are always on, always ready to show off your best work, always available to engage a potential customer, always there to explain your programs to a potential supporter.

If you want to update your new website yourself, I’ll integrate a content management system and teach you how to use it to:

  • update the text and images on every page
  • add new pages and move things around
  • post articles to a blog
  • keep an online calendar
  • build a mailing list and keep your subscribers interested

Most web guys would like you to be dependent on them, so that they’ll have an ongoing stream of income ...from your wallet. Not me. The more independent you are, the happier I am. But I’ll always be there to support you while you get up to speed with your new tools.

If you’d rather leave those tasks to me, I’ll be happy to do that work for you. (Some geeks have a low tolerance for maintenance work, but not me.)

With the right technology choices as our foundation, we’ll build you a website that’s simple, effective, reliable, and affordable. I’ll equip you for independence and support you as you learn.

Simple. Effective. That’s the way I work. Let me make your life better!