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Why should you ask me to build you a website?

Well, there are lots of reasons, but let’s keep this simple.

I'll help you choose the right technology. Then I'll build you a beautifully-crafted website. Life will be better!
. . .

Then I’ll build you a beautifully-crafted website.

I’ll help you build a web site that represents your business or nonprofit in a way that makes you proud.

It’ll be clear. Simple. Effective.

No Flash (for lots of reasons) and no flashy gimmicks.

Work Samples
Click here to see a few samples of my work.

We’ll work together to develop a visual look for your new website. If you have existing assets—a logo, color scheme, a typeface—we’ll leverage them. If you already have a relationship with a graphic designer, we can work together; if not, I can recommend a professional that’ll fit your needs. Or I can help you develop a simple-but-satisfying visual design myself.

What about web hosting?

You’ll need a web host to serve up your new website 24/7/365. I’ll help you engage an affordable host that you can count on to provide a reliable, high-performance server, a well-connected data center environment, and great technical support. Then I’ll help you choose and register a unique domain name for your new site.

Who does what?

If you’re comfortable drafting the content for your new website, I’ll back you up by acting as your editor. I’ll fine-tune your writing for the way real people read online. I’ll give your text a consistent voice and make sure that your message is crystal clear. Then I'll optimize your content to assure you good visibility in Google and the other search engines.

If you need more help, I'll give you all you need. A newspaper reporter would never ask you to write your own story; he'd interview you, flesh out the story with intriguing details, then get it ready to go to press. That's a model that we can use together.

Do you have strong photographs that illustrate your products and services? If so, they'll get us going quickly. If not, I can recommend a great photographer. Either way, I'll get your images ready for the web, addressing issues of color correction, sharpness, and compression so that your photos look their best and your pages load quickly.

Craftsmanship is the key.

For me, building your new website is a work of craftsmanship. I strive for perfection, relentlessly testing and refining the code and the content until everything looks just right and renders consistently across PCs and Macs, old computers and the latest tablets, running Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Perfection: it's not out of reach.

And then...?