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Why should you ask me to build you a website?

Well, there are lots of reasons, but let’s keep this simple.

I'll help you choose the right technology. Then I'll build you a beautifully-crafted website. Life will be better!
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I’ll help you choose the right technology.

There are lots of ways to get yourself a new website. But choosing the right one—the one that fits your needs, your style, and your budget—can be a challenge. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or you’d just like a geek to build you a great new website so you can get on with your business, I can help you.

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Even in this age of push-button everything, I prefer to build websites from scratch. Hand-coding may sound old-fashioned, but it provides me the flexibility to build you a website that fits your style perfectly AND renders quickly and accurately in every browser, on every computer: old ones and new ones, PCs, Macs, and the latest tablets.

Want to keep that snappy new website up to date all by yourself?

I’ll integrate my hand-crafted code with a content management system that lets you do what you want:

  • update the text and images on every page
  • add new pages and move things around
  • post articles to a blog
  • keep an online calendar
  • build a mailing list and keep your subscribers interested

Hand-crafted code?  Content management system?
Won’t all that be expensive?

Actually, it’s surprisingly affordable. My low-overhead, small-scale approach to web design lets me do more for you at a lower cost than most web developers. Delivering on time and within budget are important parts of my Simply Effective mantra.

And for my most budget-conscious clients I can offer an even less-expensive approach: WordPress. Although WordPress was developed as a way to get a simple blog online quickly, I’ve learned how to coax WordPress to do much much more. Using WordPress, I can deliver a full-featured website in a great big hurry, and I can teach you to update it yourself!

Whatever your budget, I’ll help you choose the right technology with which to build a simple, effective website.

And then...?